Expert Roofing Company Survival Tips: What You Need to Know

Hey, the weather outside is frightful, but here are some delightful tips to help North Shore homeowners from your local roofing company, and others make it through one of our flaky winters more easily.
These tips come from sources like the Reader’s Digest and elsewhere. Let’s see which ones go through the roof for value. Comments are a big part of any blog. So send in your votes and since it’s Chicago, you can vote more than once. Go ahead, Reader’s Digest, snow us with your tricks and tips…

Unfreeze Locks with Lighters
Hold the flame to your key for a few seconds. The key’s warm metal will help melt ice crystals that have formed inside the lock.

LEN: This ices up (or un-ices) our approval, rating a 6o. It’s an idea that makes sense and could be great in a pinch when you’re out of, or forgot to buy one of those frozen lock spritzers (the technical term).

2. Cover Your Windshield Wipers
Put on old socks before storms. (Not you, put them on the wiper blades) Ice won’t build up and stick to the blades

LEN RATING: 2o (zero from the Russian judge). What size socks are we discussing here? Men’s socks aren’t going to work, unless they’re LeBron James’. Maybe women’s stockings will do. Unfortunately, we have to hose this idea.

Put a Coat on Your Shovel or your
Shovels freeze up too, so put a coat on yours. Spray your shovel with nonstick cooking spray before getting started; snow will slide right off.

Make Your Own De-icer
Mix 1 teaspoon Dawn dishwashing liquid, 1 tablespoon rubbing alcohol, and ½ gallon warm water; pour the mixture over walkways to keep them from freezing again right away.

Here’s an idea most roofing company can give you (and there are many blogs and even videos about this) to keep the icy cold at bay, by creating thermal curtains (click to read more) to temporarily install over your windows.

Take DIY hero Bob Villa’s advice about making your own fire starter logs out of paper, dish soap, water and self-started logs you buy at Walgreen’s (only kidding, you can do this from scratch

Eco-friendly and Eco-nomical Winter Survival Home Tips

Open up curtains during the day to let the sunshine and heat in.

Prevent drafts by installing foam cutouts behind outlet covers on the walls.
Pahroo Appraisal: Zero! We’re not sure what this means or how it works. Other than that, it seems useful.

Reverse your ceiling fan to keep warm air at floor level versus in your stairwell or ceilings.
Pahroo Appraisal: 3—We’re not a big fan of anything breezy in Winter.
Spray pipe exterior and joints with WD-40 during the winter to help prevent them from bursting. Pahroo Appraisal: 6—Has anyone tried this? It could be simple, though a bit slippery.

Use tin foil behind your radiator or heating vents to reflect heat back into the house.

Pahroo Appraisal: 1. A big piece of foil (unless sitting on top of a golden brown turkey) is not exactly chic décor.


Cover your windows with bubble wrap for added insulation.
Pahroo Appraisal: Absolute Zero. Need we say more?

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