Make Your Bathroom Cozy With a Timely Winter Remodel

Winter Remodel: Perks Of Remodeling This Winter

You probably don’t think there is anything worse than dragging yourself out of your warm bed on a cold dark morning. Then you step into that frigid bathroom. Tradition tells us to wait for spring and summer for the best weather to remodel the home. However, there are perks to a winter remodel. Since most homeowners wait for the warmer months to remodel you can reap the benefits. Contractors often have less work, allowing them to schedule you quickly. Supplies might be cheaper since there is less demand in the winter months. Besides, your bathroom should be a cozy inviting room in the winter. Believe it or not, bathrooms don’t have to be cold. There are a few remodeling tricks to ease your winter pain.

Heated Floors

In the room where you are most likely to be barefoot, the floors should be warm. Traditional easy-to-clean surfaces like tile, porcelain, and stone are a natural choice for bathrooms. They are also naturally cold. Underfloor heating systems can fix the pesky problem without changing the surface you depend on. The same properties that make your bathroom surfaces so chilly make them excellent for dispersing heat. The bathroom’s small size means heated floors could actually add warmth to the whole room. If you are planning to update your tile, it is the perfect time to add some warmth to the floor.

Warmer Windows

You may be wasting your time heating your bathroom if the heat goes right out the window. Bathrooms are often the last room you think of when it’s time to replace windows. If you think your bathroom houses a chilly draft, it may not be your imagination. Whether the fault lies in the windows themselves or the seal, it is important to find and fix the problem. Sealing air leaks immediately improves the warmth of your bathroom.

Towel Warmers

Prevent the icy chill that hits your wet skin the moment you step out of the shower. Towel warmers are metal racks that warm your towels in only a few minutes. An easy upgrade with major benefits, towel racks can be added to any bathroom. These racks can be wall mounted or free standing to work with any interior and come in a variety of sizes. There’s no rule that says they are only for towels; warm your clothes for an extra boost of cozy on a cold winter morning.

Whether you are planning a complete bathroom remodel or hoping for a few cozy upgrades, Len Roofing and Remodeling can help with your winter remodel needs. Contact us for a consultation, and create a modern cozy bathroom that will get you out of bed in the winter.

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