Updating Your Kitchen? Here Are Some Ideas

Whether you’re updating your kitchen or bathroom cabinets so that these rooms feel more welcoming or preparing to sell or rent your home, you can make changes to the cabinetry without spending a lot of money. Many homes and rental property owners think that they have to gut rooms and order custom cabinets to make these spaces impressive. The fact is that most people only need to perform a few cosmetic changes to acquire the desired effect. Consider these tips the next time you want your cabinetry to stand out:

Prepare the Cabinets Properly

The most common way to inexpensively upgrade cabinets is by repainting them and adding a few beautiful decorative pieces to make them appear brand new and unique. Before you can make these cosmetic upgrades, you must first prep the cabinetry so that any changes will last a long time. Empty the cabinets of all dinnerware and other stored items. Set up a table or two sawhorses with a door or wide board as a work area at the center of your kitchen. Remove the main cabinet doors and any door handles, hinges and locking mechanisms.

Use Quality Paint Supplies

Always choose high-quality paint strippers, primers, and interior paint to complete the job. When you select your palette, consider recent trends: Many modern kitchens and bathrooms contain bright, light-colored schemes in multiple shades of one color or a bright background color highlighted with contrasting darker borders and accents in a different color. These color choices not only make rooms feel more substantial and airy, but they also make people feel lighter and happier, unlike entirely dark kitchens that usually create uncomfortable unhappy sensations. For a rustic palette, consider selecting paints or gel stains designed to look like light, warm wood tones. You can find a wide range of color sample cards at paint and home hardware stores that you can compare in your kitchen and bathroom before making your selections.

Choose Styles That Pop

Although you can use solid paints or stains to update your cabinets, there are plenty of other cabinet paint and decorative trends that you should consider to give your interesting cabinetry character.  According to Sollid Cabinetry, “thermfoil doors provide the look of today’s most sought after wood grains and solids in the most resilient and easiest to clean surfaces.”


For example, you might use paint and stain to create faux wood grain on the doors of old, fibreboard cabinets that have solid surface colors. If you use one or more solid paints, consider painting decorative stencil designs on the door fronts or attaching pre-cut wood moulding at the corners of the doors.

Don’t Forget the Hardware

Hardware can serve double duty as functional and decorative pieces. Select equipment that matches your chosen theme. For example, in a farm kitchen, you might use black hinges and handles designed to look like hammered cast iron on white cabinets. If you like fantasy elements, you might continue the hammered metal theme with beautiful flat hammered leaf pieces attached to the corners of the door fronts. With more modern themes, you might select handles and drawer pulls designed with clean, smooth and narrow geometric lines. Cabinet lights are another excellent hardware investment. Modern under-cabinet lighting not only brightens rooms and supplies more than enough light in small spaces, but it also makes cabinets look like they’ve been updated by a professional. Roll-out shelves, pegboards, and sliding textured glass doors are additional modern DIY hardware upgrade projects to consider.

Ask for Professional Help

Of course, one of the best ways that you can make your cabinetry unique is by asking for professional help. Paint and hardware supply professionals can help you choose long-lasting, high-quality paints and provide you with the stunning paint scheme and decorative ideas. If you don’t mind spending a little extra money upfront, professional painters can save you a lot of time and money in the long run by quickly and efficiently prepping the cabinetry, painting and decorating it for you and then cleaning up the work area.


Creating cabinetry that stands out without spending a lot of money isn’t difficult. You merely need to use a couple of fresh coats of paint and then your imagination along with craft and hardware supplies to come up with unique ways to express your tastes. In the end, updating your kitchen like your cabinetry can improve the appearance and efficiency of each space for hundreds of dollar less than if you invested in total remodeling plans.