Living Comfortably During a Renovation With even a moderate home renovation, you will have workers parading in and out of your home for at least a few weeks or longer. Maybe you realized it was time to upgrade your flooring, or weather has forced you to

      Image via Pixabay Your home is an ever-evolving project. Not only does it shift and change with wear, but you may want to make updates as the styles and times change. Whether you’ve been in your house for years or you just moved into a new place, chance

        Considering Home Improvements? Today, many homeowners are considering a home improvements. Whether it is for a potential sale or for personal enjoyment, choosing the right areas of a home to improve is an important decision.When taking on these projects

          Are You Ready for Green Home Renovations? Our area has a lot of history. However, many of the homes build in and around Chicago are from a time when energy-efficient green home renovations, and lessening our carbon footprint, were not even a thought. Fue

            Home Renovations for Homeowners If you’re like most homeowners, you might not get very excited about seeing your electric bill in the mail each month. Cutting down on electric usage can save you and your family a lot of money and is also good for th

              outdoor home renovations Many home renovations increase homeowner satisfaction as well as a home’s resale value. If you’re thinking about renovating, consider the following outdoor home renovations projects. Each has several benefits that are sure to

                “Energy-efficient home renovations” If today’s world, people are looking to make energy-efficient home renovations for a variety of reasons. Some want to become part of the “going green” movement and reduce their carbon footprint, do