Multiple Advantages of a Roof Replacement

There are key benefits to replacing that roof now. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that those leaks are a thing of the past. You’ll also rest assured knowing that the new warranty will protect you for years to come. You may also enjoy the energy savings that come from replacing an older roof with new roofing that’s more airtight.

There is yet another advantage  – resale value.

Every year, Remodeling Magazine estimates the resale value of 30 remodeling projects, including a full roof replacement. In its 2016 Cost vs. Value Report, the magazine estimates that the resale value of a new roof is, on average, 71.7 percent of its cost.

Therefore, it is reassuring to know that, in addition to the other important advantages of a replacement, it will add value to your property. Should the moment arrive when it’s time to sell, your modern warranted roof will be a key selling point.

Periodic Inspections

Of all of the projects analyzed annually by Remodeling Magazine, a full roof replacement returns a higher percentage of the its cost in increased resale value than many of the projects analyzed. Whether you are dealing with an imminent leak or an ongoing concern about your aging roof, now is the time for an inspection.

Do you find yourself worrying every time there’s a severe storm watch? Heavy rains driven by high winds can expose even minor vulnerabilities.

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