Signs You Have a Leaking Roof

If you have water rushing into your home, a leaking roof is apparent. However, a Leaking Roof is not always that obvious. For example, one customer did not realize they had a problem until their bathroom tiles started falling off their walls. The homeowner had a slow leak for a significant amount to time. The water seeped down the more interior of the bathroom wall and was soaking in, weakening, and eroding it. Consequently, they not only needed a new roof, but also a major bathroom repair. Many leaks, like this one, go unnoticed. So, it is important to have a regular roof inspection.

1. Is there a water stain on the ceiling or wall? – Many leaks do not cause the classic dripping ceiling. Many times, what you will see is either a wet spot or a brown ring. Any time you see a discoloration, you need to investigate for a Leaking Roof.

2. Are there intermittent drips? – If you see drips that are not necessarily connected to a weather event, this could be caused by an “ice dam”. These are created when snow and ice thaws and then refreezes. Over time, it can cause an intermittent drip or leak.

3. Do you see spots on exterior walls? – Every now and then, take the time to examine the underside of your roof line. If you discover water spots here, you could potentially have damaged flashing.

4. Do you have moss or mold growing on exterior walls? – Moss or mold growing on an exterior wall can be a sign of a downspout or gutter problem. These are critical components of your total roofing system.

5. Are there missing shingles or granules in your gutters? – Curling, damaged, or missing shingles, or accumulated debris in the gutters or around structural intersections, is a sign that your roof is prone to leaking.

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