But first, the financials: which remodeling projects typically offer the best return on investment? 

Think About Your Interior Remodeling Project Investment

Bankrate explains that many of the most common remodeling projects offer a 90% or higher rate of return on investment when the home is sold – and HGTV’s list is similar.  

The exterior improvements that typically provide the greatest returns include upgrading your front entry door, replacing siding, and adding a deck. 

The interior improvements that appear on the top of that list include basement, kitchen and bath remodels and updating or revamping rooms (such as turning an attic space into a bedroom). 

Now think about your investment in terms of its true value to you and your family. 

A Remodel Can Add Harmony to Your Home

An updated or expanded bathroom can mean fewer family squabbles as everyone gets ready in the morning. Remodeling the basement provides a space for older kids and their friends to hang out – “away” from you but safe at home, just the same. A well-designed deck gives you additional outdoor living space and enhances your landscaping too. 

Most homeowners we work with have very specific reasons for the interior remodeling project they ask us to do. Some are looking to create additional living space, to enhance privacy in a bedroom or bath, or update a kitchen for better functionality or a nicer space in which to entertain guests. Others want to improve their home’s curb appeal, with doors and entryways always among the most popular projects. And while their reasons are different, we hear one thing from almost all of our clients: “we just wish we’d done it sooner!” 

We think that’s the real payoff for a remodeling project: feeling even more comfortable and “happy at home” in your own home.  

Remodeling Increases Your Enjoyment of Your Home 

We enjoy working with homeowners on their remodeling projects. From concept through design to completed remodel, our licensed, experienced construction professionals focus on your satisfaction. As a family-owned, BBB-Accredited Business with an A+ rating, our remodeling work is top-notch. Take a look at some of the projects we’ve completed in and around Chicagoland’s northern suburban areas, and contact us to discuss a project you’ve been considering. Why wait to enjoy your home even more?