Interior Design Tips and Tricks Homeowners can Learn From Offices

Interior Design Tips

Decorating Interior Design Tips from Top Interior Offices

When you’re designing the interior of your home, you can actually glean a bit of inspiration from the office. Have you ever noticed how a dental care office, medical office, and other business offices, in general, seem to have a calm ambiance about them? That is due to the way that the interior was designed. You can pull a few elements of those designs from offices to create a comfortable, welcoming space at home too.

The Entryway

One of the first things you’ll notice about an office is that the entryway is usually large. Offices make their entryways big enough to accommodate the volume of people going in and out of the doors, but in the process, the huge entryway gives the entire space a tone of roominess. It instantly feels bigger. Make your entryway bigger and free of clutter if you want to achieve the same spacious feeling as an office.

The Living Room

Once you get through the entryway of an office, you’re presented with the waiting room, which is equivalent to the living room of the home. It’s where guests will spend most of their time sitting, so you want it to have a comfortable, warm atmosphere. Waiting rooms always have plenty of seating options, so you should make sure your space does too. Offer a mix of chairs and couches to accommodate different preferences.


The kitchen of a home is comparable to the business owner’s office, the dentist’s office or the physician’s operating room. It needs to flow well off the waiting area, or living room, to make for an easy transition for guests. Consider having the kitchen located right off the living room or having an open concept where you can converse with guests easily from one room to the next.


The bedroom is equatable to the hub of an office where all the internal, unseen operations go on. You’ll want to make it private from the rest of the home and have it closed off.

Good Design is Universal

The reason why the same design concepts are used throughout so many offices is that good design is universal. People like open spaces that make them feel like they have plenty of room and aren’t cramped. Additionally, they like comfortable spaces where they have a place to sit while they converse, eat or wait. By employing a few universal interior design tips into your home, you can make it more inviting for both you and any guests you decide to entertain.

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