Ice and Snow Can Cause Damage to Your Roof

Damage to Your Roof by Ice and Snow

Whether you love winter weather or are hibernating until spring, snow can have a big impact on your life. Snow, ice, and drastic temperature changes have severe effects on the exterior of your home. Your roof and the attached structures take the biggest hit from winter’s force. Without proper care, your roof can suffer costly and serious damage. Snow and ice can cause damage to your roof in several different ways.

Ice Dams

Surprisingly, ice dams occur as the weather warms after significant snow. As the snow melts on the upper parts of the roof, water drains down to the eaves and freezes. The result is heavy thick ridges of ice that form along the edges of your roof. Water that backs up behind these ice dams is forced underneath shingles causes damage to your roof. Water refreezes, and new ice expands to cause cracks, eventually leading to leaks and water damage in the home.

Winter Weight

If you think dangerous winter weight applies only to your waistline, you should understand how it can affect your roof. Heavy snow and ice dams combine to apply dangerous weight to your roof. Estimating how much weight is on your roof isn’t as easy as it seems. Ice weighs more than snow, and packed snow is at least twice as heavy as fresh snow. This weight can cause leaks, crack rafters, and eventually cause a roof collapse. Older homes that haven’t had a roof replacement and damaged roofs are at a higher risk for structural damage.

Gutter Damage

Ice and snow that melts and refreezes can cause damage to your gutters. Water from slowly melting ice and snow reaches your gutters before getting to the ground. If gutters are clogged with debris, the water is likely to refreeze filling gutters with heavy ice. This ice can add to the effects of ice dams. It can also cause serious damage to gutters. Heavy ice can detach your gutters from the roof and destroy the gutters themselves.

Attempting to remove ice dams and heavy snow can be dangerous without the proper training and experience. Sharp tools can further cause damage to your roof. Failure to use safety procedures can result in serious injury. If you are concerned about snow and ice damage to your roof, contact Len Roofing and Remodeling for a consultation today. 


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