How You Know It’s Time for a Kitchen Remodel?

Kitchen Remodel Tips and Advice

Most homeowners only have to enter their kitchen to see that it needs an overhaul. The reason can be as simple as the room no longer “sparks joy” the way it used to. This principle holds true even though everything is working well and looks perfectly serviceable to a houseguest. On the other hand, there’s a combination of things that tell even a first-time homeowner that they’re in need of a kitchen remodel. They include:

Grungy Floors

floor, dirty, messSome flooring can last for decades if it is given proper care. However, stone and wood need to be sealed to guard them against stains, and even sealed wood shouldn’t be cleaned with a sopping wet mop. Water that seeps between the floor and the baseboard can still cause the floor to swell. Resilient flooring can get torn and scuffed, and if it is not cleaned regularly, grime can be nearly impossible to remove.

Irredeemable Walls

wall, damage, texture

Years of grease splatter and other stains can make kitchen walls as hard to clean as floors that are not regularly swabbed. This is especially true if the paint is flat. According to Hilary Farr’s Rules of Renovation, when the homeowner doesn’t think their walls or even their ceiling can be cleaned without stripping off the paint, then it is time to strip off the paint and apply a couple of fresh coats.

Sagging Cabinets

cabinets, old, dilapidated, kitchen, garageIf this is the only problem in the kitchen, the homeowner can hire a handyman or perform a DIY job to right them. But cabinets that sag to the point where they can no longer hold dishware, do not stay fixed when they are repaired and add to the disarray of other things that are wrong in the kitchen are a sure sign that the whole room needs a makeover.

Appliances That No Longer Work

Needful appliances such as the refrigerator and the range must be replaced anyway when they no longer work. What better excuse than to overhaul the entire kitchen? This is especially true when the appliance that died was decades old. New appliances are not only more aesthetically pleasing but much more energy efficient.

Beat Up Countertops

kitchen, old, countertop, dilapidatedExcept for stainless steel, countertops are often made of the same materials as the floor and are subject to the same types of damage. A laminated countertop whose layers are separating, a badly stained, cracked or chipped stone countertop, a resilient countertop full of burn marks or a stainless steel counter full of dings and discolorations is a good excuse to do an entire kitchen remodel.

Bad Plumbing

pipes, plumbing, toolsA faucet, dishwasher or ice maker and the piping they connect to that continually spring leaks need to be replaced. If the counters and the plumbing are beaten up, the sink probably is too. It’s time to replace it with a gleaming new model with two or even three bowls.   The reasons to give a kitchen an overhaul are probably as numerous as there are kitchens. No matter the reason, the new kitchen should be a place of peace, pleasure and good eating for the homeowner and their family and friends.

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