Because the kitchen is often the epicenter of the house, it follows that it should be a bright and well-lit room. Many older homes have aging lighting and smaller windows that contribute to the feeling of a smaller, darker space. But this does not have to be the case, with home remodeling contractors and careful planning an older kitchen can be revived and turned into the room where everyone wants to be.

Expand the Space

Is the footprint of the kitchen just too small? Consider the rooms abutting the kitchen, can some space be gained from a nearby room? A sunroom near the kitchen could donate some space, or a large dining room could be downsized by moving the wall it shares with the kitchen, making room for a large kitchen island. If taking out an entire wall isn’t feasible, a pass-through may be a better option to open up the area above the sink and create an open feel with an adjacent room. Adding a door on an outside facing wall further expands the space to a deck or screened in porch.  

Light it Up

A larger opening between adjacent rooms contributes to the light in the kitchen and helps with traffic flow. Installing updated lighting fixtures over workspaces and under cabinets lights up and makes use of all areas in the kitchen. Replace older windows with larger bay or picture windows or install new windows along an outside wall and infuse the kitchen with natural light. Mix things up with a chandelier over the table, recessed lighting over workspaces, and a statement ceiling fixture in the center of the room. If space is very limited, high windows above cabinets or counters work well and if needed, frosted windows create privacy. 

It’s In the Details

The details in the design should be tailored to increase the brightness of the room. What can be done? Light colored cabinets with glass fronts and glass backsplash tiles that reflect light brighten the kitchen. Painting the kitchen and ceiling white or a very light shade opens it up and makes it feel larger. And stainless steel or light appliances and glass shelves add to the feeling of spaciousness. 

The home remodeling contractors at Len Roofing and Remodeling are experts at remodeling kitchens. Let them help you every step of the way to a lighter, brighter, more modern kitchen!