Find roof or any home improvement project financing through Hearth

If your home improvement project is urgent, Hearth can help you find the right loan for you! Complete our 60-second form, and we’ll show you personalized rates from multiple lending partners. You’ll be able to find savings by comparing monthly payments and rates from several providers. Using Hearth is free, and will not affect your credit score. Personal loans have the following features:

No home equity

If you get sick or lose your job and can’t pay back your loan, you won’t be at risk of foreclosure. However, personal loans do have higher rates than options secured by your home equity.


If your project is urgent, then a personal loan may be your best option. Personal loan providers can approve you, then transfer funds, in as soon as 24 hours.

No prepayment

Personal loan providers won’t penalize you for paying back your loan ahead of schedule.

monthly payments

Because personal loans have fixed interest rates, your monthly payments won’t change. Fixed monthly payments will help you create an accurate budget for your project.

Our loan calculator lets you choose different rates, amounts, and terms to figure out what your monthly payment would be. Personal loan providers look at 3 factors to determine whether to qualify for you for a roofing loan:

  • Your credit score: Because personal loans don’t use any home equity, your provider will need to know that you can pay back the loan. The better your credit score, the lower the rates you’ll pay.
  • Your income: Personal loan providers want to know your income to determine whether you’ll be able to afford monthly payments. After getting pre-qualified, you may have to submit some form of income verification such as a W-2.
  • Your current debt: The more debt obligations you currently have, the tougher it will be to afford monthly payments. Lenders will look at the ratio of your debt to your income to make a decision about whether to approve you.