The Best Roofing Company Northbrook Has to Offer

What Makes Len Roofing & Remodeling the Best Northbrook Roofing Company? There are many different roofing and remodeling companies all around the North Shore. So, what is it about Len Roofing & Remodeling that makes us so different, you may ask? W

Residential Cedar Roof Remodeling, Repair, and Installation

A New Look With Cedar Roof Remodeling  When you need a new roof, or you need roofing repairs, there are several types of roofing materials to choose from. Thankfully, for those seeking a new look, longevity, and secure roofing material that is bound

The Most Essential Projects to Complete If You Own an Older Home

Thinking of investing in an older home? Older homes can come with a lot of interesting history and character that make them appealing, but they can also come with some challenging repairs and improvements. Knowing what to work on first, where to cut costs

5 Tips to Get Your Roof Ready for Spring

Get Your Roof Ready for Spring Snow, ice, hail and other harsh winter conditions can really wear down your roof. Now that springtime is fast approaching, you should book an appointment with a professional so your roof is prepared for the upcoming season.

Ice and Snow Can Cause Damage to Your Roof

Damage to Your Roof by Ice and Snow Whether you love winter weather or are hibernating until spring, snow can have a big impact on your life. Snow, ice, and drastic temperature changes have severe effects on the exterior of your home. Your roof and the at

North Shore Roofing Contractors: Your Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Fit

North Shore Roofing Contractors: Your Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Fit When you’re looking for a professional roofing contractor in the North Shore, it’s important to find an experienced professional who specializes in meeting a wide ra

Make Your Bathroom Cozy With a Timely Winter Remodel

Winter Remodel: Perks Of Remodeling This Winter You probably don’t think there is anything worse than dragging yourself out of your warm bed on a cold dark morning. Then you step into that frigid bathroom. Tradition tells us to wait for spring and s

4 Custom Glass Features for an Easy Interior Remodel

Easy Interior Remodel Features to Consider Looking to give your home that fresh feeling of an interior remodel, but don’t have the time or budget to replace walls or cabinets? Adding glass features throughout your home can help create an o

Home Remodeling Contractors Brighten Up the Kitchen

Tips to Brighten Up Your Home by Home Remodeling Contractors Because the kitchen is often the epicenter of the house, it follows that it should be a bright and well-lit room. Many older homes have aging lighting and smaller windows that con

Interior Remodeling Project: Enjoy Better Living in Your Own Home

The payoff for an Interior Remodeling Project If you’ve put off an interior remodeling project because you worried about how the investment would payoff in terms of resale value, relax and consider this: bankers and decorating gurus agree that many