Kitchen Design & Remodeling Ideas

Although many people love to have a formal dining room, the reality is that many times mealtime is much more casual. Busy moms, especially, want kitchen design ideas that make the work of feeding children at lunchtime or for breakfast before school easier, quicker, and more efficient. To help you and all the other busy moms and dads make mealtime easier, here are five ways that you can make your kitchen more efficient so that meal preparations, eating, and cleanup are quicker.


In-Kitchen Design Eating

Image Credit: Stonecrete Systems
Image Credit: Stonecrete Systems

A breakfast bar is a countertop that you can place stools around. The beautiful thing about an eat-in kitchen feature, such as a breakfast bar, is that if you don’t need to move meals very far. Plus, you can watch the kids as you’re cleaning up. Another popular in-kitchen eating design option is a booth in the kitchen. This option is primarily functional for parents with toddlers because the seats are low enough that little ones can crawl in themselves.


Custom Cabinets

Kitchen Remodel

When you choose to have custom cabinetry installed, you can optimize all of the space that your kitchen has. Stock cabinetry uses filler pieces if space in your kitchen is in between two sizes of cabinets. With custom cabinetry, you can use that extra space to create design elements that you can use to make your kitchen design more efficient.


Glass Top Stove

If you don’t need a gourmet kitchen, a glass top stove is an option that can make cleaning up the mess from when the soup overflowed easier and quicker. That means that you can spend more time focusing on your children and less time focusing on your messy kitchen because it will already be clean.


Adequate Lighting

When you’re thinking about ways to make your kitchen more efficient, lighting might not be the thing that comes to mind. But lighting is an important design element for your kitchen for more than just aesthetic reasons. Great lighting will not only get the kids up and ready to go faster, but it also makes it easier to find items that are tucked farther in the back of cabinets or a storage pantry. If you have a particularly deep shelf in your pantry, add a light so that you can see all the way to the back.


Under-the-Sink Cleaning Supplies Organizers

Mealtime can be messy, and you want all of your kitchen cleaning supplies to be easy to find and within reach. To maximize the space underneath your sink, you can install a rod from which you can hang many of your cleaning supplies. Everything will be much easier to find.


Mealtime can be a messy time, or it can be a time that you enjoy with your kids. A few tweaks can make your kitchen design more organized and more enjoyable because the work will be so much easier.