5 Biggest Dangers to Your Home’s Roof

Hidden Dangers Threatening Your Home’s Roof

As a homeowner, you have a lot of aspects to take care of when it comes to your home. It can seem like a lot to keep on your plate, but you can’t afford to overlook one crucial item: your home’s roof. Your roof has hidden dangers that threaten your wallet, your home and even your safety and that of your loved ones. Here is what you need to know:

Ice Dams

ice, icecle, frozen, roof, eves, eavesOne of the biggest threats to your home’s roof is water. If you leak in your roof, water can seep in and cause major damage leading to you paying large amounts to fix it. What most people don’t know is that ice can be dangerous too. This happens when sheets of ice buildup on your roof. Eventually, the ice beneath starts to melt when an ice dam forms, leading to greater damage than you might realize. Look carefully for signs of blocked gutters.



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Termites are a huge threat to your roof. According to Preventive, “termite damage can cause costly repairs and structural damage to your home.” They can be difficult to spot, so you should call a professional to inspect your roof if you see wood shavings or strange signs of termites around your roof.

Gutter Backups

Similar to when an ice dam occurs, a backed-up gutter can cause water problems. When water has nowhere else to go, it will soak into your roof and get to the structure of it. This is costly and can also cause the structure of your roof to be compromised.

Structural Damage From Falling Branches

house, damage, car, tree, risk, insuranceLarge and old trees near your home are dangerous to your roof. One bad storm and a catastrophe could strike. Have your branches trimmed to avoid major ones from endangering your roof and the people in it.



Degradation Over Time

Over time, any roof will fail. Don’t feel like yours is invincible. Natural materials will fade over time, leading to leaks, damage, and collapses. You should get it often replaced to ensure you are out of harm’s way.   When it comes to protecting your home and your loved ones from harm, you need to have your eyes on your home’s roof. There are hidden dangers that can come out of nowhere if you’re not careful. Make sure you hire professionals to perform regular inspections and maintenance on your roof. That way, you can rest with peace of mind knowing that your roof is doing its job rather than running the risk of needing repairs, costing you your safety and money.

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