Which Types Of Gutters Are Right For Your Home?

Gutters are not meant to be glamorous, but they do serve a very important purpose. Your home needs them in order to direct water to the right places from off of your roof. Without gutters, your basement or crawl space stands a good chance of flooding, and your siding and windows stand a good chance of suffering from water damage. Cost to replace gutters varies greatly by region. There are different types of gutters, they come in different materials, all of which are unique in their own ways.


Aluminum gutters are usually a top pick, mainly for their cost and their ability to not rust. Actually, they never rust. That alone makes them very popular. Aluminum gutter replacement cost varies but these are relatively inexpensive, too. Aluminum is lightweight, therefor can be damaged over a period of time and need replacement sooner. You’ll want to get them as thick as possible, because the thicker they are the better they will hold up.


Steel gutters are another favored choice by many. They are the most economical choice, although even the thickest ones may eventually see rust. Steel gutters stand up very well to ladders and fallen tree branches, even better than aluminum gutters do. Their strength is their main selling point.


Copper gutters are your more expensive option. They have a classic look that you just can’t get with anything else. They are handsome looking and will never rust or need to be painted. Copper gutters are a great way to add lasting value and immeasurable curb appeal to your home. If you’re looking for long-lasting elegance, copper is a good choice for you.

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