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May 15th

Roofing Contractor

Innovative Ideas to Ask Your Roofing Contractor

Your Roofing Contractor Can Give the Best Advice Many people don’t think about their roof until it is time to replace it. Even then, most often, a homeowner will call […]

May 8th

Roofing Contractor

Having A Roofing Contractor Upkeep Your Plumbing Vents

How Important is a Roofing Contractor? A professional roofing contractor has to be capable of fixing a wide range of roofing ailments–from cracked or missing shingles, to corroded flashing, to […]

May 1st

roofing mistakes

Don’t Make Pre-Purchase Roofing Mistakes – Len Roofing

Frequent Pre-Purchase Roofing Mistakes  You’ve probably heard the pre-or-post-purchase moans. “Awww the roof fell in on my loan.” “Awww the roof plain fell in.” “Gee, if only I had known […]

April 28th


2 Key Benefits Of Composite Roofing Shingles

Roofing Shingles Installation Many people fall into the mistake of assuming that asphalt shingles are the sole option when it comes to re-shingling their roof. Yet recent years have seen […]

April 12th

Business Remodel

Business Remodel Ideas to Save You Money

Green Renovation Business Remodel Ideas On a Budget When considering a renovation or remodel for your business it is important to ask a few key questions: -Why are we renovating/remodeling? What […]