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August 2nd

Roof Drip Edge

Roof Drip Edge | Roofing Tips from Northbrook Roofing Experts

Roof Drip Edge 101 Homeowners often fall into the trap of assuming that the only thing protecting them from leaks and other roofing problems are their shingles. Yet, as reliable […]

July 25th


5 Roofing Tips For Summer Roofing: Now is the Time to Update

Summer Roofing – Are You Prepared? As temperatures rise outside in the summer months, so does the temperature inside our homes. As the heat continues to rise, there are some […]

July 21st


Ask a Roofing Contractor: How Do I Know If I Have a Leaking Roof

Signs You Have a Leaking Roof If you have water rushing into your home, a leaking roof is apparent. However, a Leaking Roof is not always that obvious. For example, […]

July 10th

Roof Last

Ask a Roofing Contractor: How Long Will my Roof Last?

Will My Roof Last? When providing roofing estimates and consultations, virtually every homeowner asks the question, “Which type of roof last the longest?” There are two every good reason for […]

June 29th

Shingle Roof Specialist

Ask a Shingle Roof Specialist: Why Does My New Roof Look Wavy?

Shingle Roof Specialist on Why It Looks Wavy Did you just have your old roof removed and the new one looks wavy? There are two goals that a new shingle […]